Veterans Qualify for the Reimbursement for a medical Cannabis

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For several Canadian veterans who want to manage pain as well as disease, medical cannabis is becoming a viable option. Numerous studies have also shown that the use of medical cannabis does have positive outcomes in managing PTSD.

In recognition of all this, Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) provides veterans who buy medical cannabis from federally license vendors a payment. This was implemented on 22 November 2016 and also with the intro of legalized recreational cannabis, the VAC policy has still not shifted.

Reimbursement of VAC medical cannabis – What you want to Understand Canadian veterans with either a medical marijuana clinic Toronto prescription were entitled to something like an $8.50 per gram compensation up to a total of three grams a day. Veterans might be approved to reimbursement of further than three grams a day in the most exceptional cases. Instances of exceptional circumstances would also be “palliative” or ALS-diagnosed veterans.

  • Veterans who want outstanding status of reimbursement permission of far more than three grams per day have to provide a letter of support from either a consultant to VAC. Such a letter shall be deemed valid for an era of two years until requiring a different letter from specialist to continue to receive reimbursement for further than three grams a day.
  • Veterans must buy medical cannabis from federally licensed marijuana clinic Toronto retailers to qualify for repayment. Cannabis bought from licensed municipal sellers is also not eligible for repayment since Health Canada will not regulate such sellers. So everyone has to follow the guidelines as stated.
  • Veterans using medical cannabis must be accompanied by a copy of the certificate of registering proving that they will be allowed to have a medical cannabis availability of fewer than 150 grams or 30 days. That is about 30 grams of cannabis permitted.
  • If used for medical and recreational purposes, driving while under the influence of cannabis is unlawful. These things should be very clear to the people availing the facility of reimbursement.

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How about cannabis for recreation?

Even though recreational cannabis was now legal in Canada, this is highly recommended which veterans do not attempt to ego-medicate so that they would take full advantage of the reimbursement to be someone else’s conditions. Many relevantly, however, without the doctor’s supervision or medical cannabis manager, the drug has a higher potential of making conditions like PTSD’s symptoms worse instead of better. So doctor’s prescription is must to take any kind of drug.

Under the guidance of the health care team from an established marijuana clinic Toronto, you can modify the product type as well as dosage before you find what works best to you and the side effects.

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