RSO Oil as a Cure for Cancer

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO oil has been used by people suffering from various medical problems. However, it did not enjoy much popularity until it was featured in the documentary ‘Run from the Cure.’ It was then that the RSO oil became extremely popular. Using RSO oil as a cure for certain diseases has now become mainstream knowledge. Some even buy RSO oil for cancer. However, all the data we have regarding the effectiveness of the oil is anecdotal only. RSO oil is made from cannabis and thus is illegal in many locations. Thus, it is very difficult to research humans, to determine the effectiveness of the oil. The licenses required for the same cannot be obtained easily from the respective government.

RSO Oil for Cancer

The CBD Oil

Along with RSO oil, another product that has enjoyed widespread popularity is the cannabinoid or CBD oil. It can be used to manage various diseases and has proven to be beneficial. CBD oil is anti-psychotic and legal. One of the most famous cases of using CBD oil as a cure is that of Charlotte’s. Featured in the CNN documentary ‘Weed’ by Sanjay Gupta, Charlotte who suffered from epilepsy, used CBD oil as it is known for its anti-seizure properties. She was eventually able to get rid of her epileptic seizures.

The relation between CBD oil and RSO oil

Products made from cannabis are being extensively researched in the medical field. There are numerous anecdotal reports on the benefits of cannabis oils. Some patients buy RSO oil for cancer. However, there is confusion regarding whether there is any relation between CBD oil and RSO oil. Are they different? If yes, how?

Although they share a few similarities, they are different products. The prime ingredient of CBD oil is cannabis while RSO oil is made from the hemp plant. Cannabis and hemp fall under the same plant genus (cannabis). However, the plants belong to different species and are not the same when harvested. Hemp produces small flowers that have low cannabinoid content but produces a good amount of fiber. Cannabis produces negligible amounts of fiber, but bit flowers loaded with the cannabinoid. This is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

The strains that the plants are bred into, also make a difference. RSO oils made from cannabis Indica strains are used to treat physical ailments. That is why some patients buy cannabis Indica strain bred RSO oil for cancer. RSO oils made from Sativa strains have proved to be effective in treating mental illnesses.

RSO Oil for Cancer

Therefore, even though the core ingredient of both the oils belongs to the same plant family, there are quite different. THC is the psychoactive compound of cannabis that produces a euphoric feeling. RSO oils contain high THC levels (about 50% -60%). In addition to this, they contain about 10-15% of CBD and other cannabinoids in concentrated proportions.

The CBD oil differs from the RSO oil in its composition. It contains a high level of CBD. But it is antipsychotic and contains only small traces of THC or other cannabinoids.

The RSO oil contains a full spectrum of extracts from the hemp plant,that cannot be matched by CBD oils. Therefore, CBD oil cannot be used in place of RSO oil, if one wants to get the maximum benefits.