Addiction’s Emotional Arsenal: How My Son Used Our Love against Us?

Every now and then you will get to hear a person being addicted to one or other kind of chemical substance. When spouse or family members come to know their loved one is in the grip of addiction, they get emotionally disturbed. According to some study conducted by the detox centre Toronto, addicts go through some emotional journey, which forces them to be addicted to drugs or alcohol.

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Instances Cited

In most cases, a person shifted toward addiction with the fear that their truth or confession about something won’t be accepted by society. For instance, sometimes the parent of an addict complained that their child started to take drugs with the fear that they won’t be accepted by the society, if they learn their child is gay or lesbian. Thus, the fear gripped them so hard that for facing society, they got dependent on a substance.

Some parents complained that they came to know about their child’s addiction only when they saw change in their behavior. For instance, when a person starts to take drugs then it gets easily reflected through their attitude. Like and addict would get irritated easily and their behavioral change is always not good.

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Rehab Centers Shouldn’t Be Forced

Detox centre Toronto points out that once the families of an addict learn about their addiction, they shouldn’t be forced to go for treatment. If they are forced, it would only lead to relapsing as they would take drugs again. Only if the addict has the inner urge to recover and cut down the usage of drugs or alcohol completely, they can be provided help.

For this an addict has to realize that if they don’t stop their usage of drugs, they would die of drug overdose. Only after the addicts have a self-realization, addicts can be asked for detox and rehab treatment.

At the detox centre Toronto, the addicts are made to go through detox process.  This process usually removes the harmful toxins from the body and prepares the body to remain away from drugs. Depending on the type of addiction, the detox program is chosen.

At the time of detox, an addict can face withdrawal symptoms and the medical professionals through medications are able to handle the symptoms. Once the detox process is complete, rehab program starts. It is crucial for the recovering addict as different therapies are provided. The therapies can help the addicts to learn ways to handle their relapse.

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Counseling is provided by the Neworld detox centre Toronto so that the root cause of addiction is addressed. Cognitive therapies prove to be helpful as it helps the recovering addicts to change their behavior and prepare for a sober life.

When right treatment program is provided to a recovering addict, they can recover fast. They can take the initiative to become clean and lead sober life.

In fact, addiction not only takes a emotional tool not only on the addicts, but also on their families. Detox centre Toronto feel that families should give complete support to their children who are on the path to recovery. Support from family and peer group can help addicts to recover fast.