A Few Handy Tips On How To Use The Hearing Aids While Playing Sports

If you were a sportsperson and active in sports, before getting hearing aids in Toronto, you can continue to be so even after wearing them. It is quite safe to exercise with the hearing aids plugged into your ears. We tell you few precautions which you could follow for a convenient experience.

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Do you have hearing aids while playing sports?

If the answer is no, probably you could give it a second thought before hitting the gym next time. Hearing aids make a huge difference in your training sessions. The hearing aids of modern-day are enough powerful to take the strain of your active lifestyle, provided you take proper care of them.

Why you should wear hearing aids during an exercise – 3 basic reasons

  • When you play in a team, you must hear well, so that you can hear the instructions passed by the players. When you are not able to communicate effectively with your team, chances are that you are not playing well leading to losing. The best you can do is just wearing your hearing aid and aim the ball. You are sure to be in your best form then.
  • Some workouts are also done alone, like jogging. When you are out and jogging all by yourself, you will feel safe if you have your hearing aids on your ears. You would be able to hear and feel the surroundings and happenings all around you.
  • During workouts, music acts as a motivational factor for many people. The good hearings aids nowadays come with a feature of getting connected to your phone. You can play your favourite tracks while exercising and gain power throughout the session.

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Ways to protect hearing aids while exercising

The main challenge that hearing aids have to face is the moisture that forms from sweat. The hearing aids which are fixed Behind-The-Ear are at higher risk of getting affected when the moisture reaches the circuit.

You can prevent the damage by getting sweatproof accessories which will restrict the entry of moisture to the hearing aids. You can also vouch in for a sweat-resistant hearing aid pouch or a headband. Both of these options are readily available, easy to use and keep your electronic aid dry from moisture.

If you tend to engage yourself in a rougher sport like basketball or rugby, your hearing aid might become loose and fall off from your ears. Use a clip to attach the hearing aids to your clothes so that you can prevent the freefall.

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How to clean the hearing aid after exercising?

After a strenuous workout, you urge to get clean and take a shower. Likewise, even your hearing aid needs to be clean. Use the cleaning kit to remove the earwax with a pick and moisture with a puffer.

Keep the earring aids in a dry box. A dry box safely removes moisture from the hearing aids overnight and keeps them free from bacteria.

When maintain and clean your hearing aids properly, you increase their lifetime. Also, the quality of the sound remains intact for a longer duration. Hence, when you next get the tests done at hearing test Calgary, get the best quality hearing aid for yourself.